Are you doing site visits?

We will do site visits following the Government’s strict Guidelines (Kept under constant review so information below may be outdated).

All engineers will exercise the following:-

Good hand hygiene – utilising hand washing if made available upon entry and prior to leaving OR the use of hand sanitiser which we ourselves carry with us.
The use of PPE such as face coverings where social distancing isn’t possible (the engineer may also express for you to to wear a face covering if necessary)
We will take care to have minimal contact with surfaces whilst in your premise, and will endeavour to sanitise those areas where possible upon leaving, or if not possible advise you yourselves to do so after we leave.
We will log our interactions/contacts including such PII (personal identifiable information) as Name, Place of contact, Date, and contact number to help aid with track and trace if required in the future (We do use the NHS Track and Trace App, but still manually log and track employees movements to be thorough).

We will not visit anyone who is having to self isolate due to potential contact with Covid!