Surf the Web Unimpeded by Adverts

Adblock Plus – One of the Best Free Software Titles that EVERYONE Should Have!

Q: Does it cost me anything?
A: No! Absolutely nothing – they do ask for donations to continue their ongoing development however this isn’t required to install the software

Q: Will it help me be more secure on the net?
A: Yes! Adblock Plus also blocks known malicious sites and or content

Q: Is it difficult to install?
A: Not at all! Just follow our simple install guide below.

Tired of seeing adverts on pages that aren’t relevant to what you’re looking for? Maybe you’ve received pop-ups on pages like Facebook which are just plane annoying. In a matter of seconds, you can easily block adverts on all of the pages you view without any effort!

By visiting the page below, you will be greeted with an install button which will be asking you to install to your browser. If this page then responds with a different browser as to what you’re using, you can change this by clicking on the icons shown below the install button (see below).

Adblock Install Button

And that’s it! Once this has been installed to your browser, it may require a restart, but you can begin to browse to pages ad-free!

If you run into any issues feel free to drop us a line on 01562 829875.