Snapchats Latest Update – What you need to know!

Snapchat’s Snap Map

If you’re unsure what Snapchat is, it’s a social media platform used to send pictures, messages and much more to your friends, or even the public. Snapchat is arguably one of the most popular applications used nowadays, having over 500 Million downloads on Android alone.

One of Snapchat’s most questionable released features has come around most recently, being a Snap Map, which shows you the location of friends/people that you follow. This has become a major concern, especially for parents, as a lot of people share their Snapchat profile to the public and the app is mainly used by the younger generations.

If you’re concerned that your profile might be open for other people to view, you can disable the feature by doing the following;

1) Open up the Snapchat App

2) Pinch and Zoom in the camera tool to access the map

3) Choose the Settings Icon in the top right hand corner

At this stage you will see multiple options about enabling “Ghost Mode”, or choosing who can see your location. If you’re open to certain people seeing your location, you can choose which friends can see this – alternatively entering “Ghost Mode” makes you completely invisible from the Snap Map.

With the application running from your location on your phone, if you have your location disabled it will still display your last location with location enabled. Even if you think you’ve closed out of the app, if you have not quit the app correctly, it will still broadcast your location in the background. If this is something you do not want, we would highly recommend enabling “Ghost Mode” to keep your location a secret!