NHS Cyber Attack – Ensure you’re not next!

Whilst the information about the attack is still limited and in its early stages, we do believe two things;

1) The most likely method for the Malware to have gotten onto the machines, was by a zipped attachment on an email or similar – which was unwittingly opened by a member of staff.
2) The spread of the infection was down to a vulnerability in the Windows Operating Systems affecting all versions from XP right up to Windows 10 – Microsoft discovered this exploit back in March and released a patch MS17-010 that fixed the issue for all supported Operating Systems.

Those of you running Windows Vista or dare we say it XP (like a huge proportion of the NHS) wouldn’t have had the benefit of Microsoft releasing the patch with its Windows Updates, leaving you extremely vulnerable!

Fortunately, almost all of you, our customer base, have heeded are advice long ago and dropped machines with unsupported Operating Systems. More info about Windows Life Cycles and Support can be found on the official MS site here.

You can download the patch directly from Microsoft here – or just ensure that you’ve done all of your system updates – and whilst that won’t stop you being infected if you’re unlucky (foolish 🙂 ) enough to open a bad attachment! It will prevent the spread of infections like this across your computers on your network.

If you still have doubts or concerns, contact us today and we can arrange a Cyber Security check for your business.