Keep the kids off the Wi-Fi on school nights

The Issue

I’m sure it’s a problem many parents face in the modern ‘Always connected age!’, ensuring that when the children go to bed, they stop using their smart phones/tablets and computers. One sure fire way to prevent them from using their tech, is to disable the internet between specific times.

Wait – I hear you say, I just want to block the devices that they use, and not my own tech, not a problem!

Non Ideal Solutions

Well one member of staff came to us with the issue above, and her solution which had worked for a brief while was, having the router connected to a digital timer switch. Whilst this worked for a short while, it doesn’t take long for teenage kids to realise, they can just bypass the timer switch, or reset the timer switch… Plus this stops all devices accessing the net, and then your own phone(s) are going to start using your mobile data allowance up.

A Better Solution

If you like many people in the country either have Virgin Media or BT as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) then you’re likely to have either a BT Home Hub or a Virgin Super Hub. These routers and many others have advanced features to allow time restrictions per device.

Don’t want to learn how, and have the hassle, simply give us a call and discuss one of our engineers coming out and sorting this for you, or if you’re further afield then we can either do this remotely.

How to Setup a Virgin Media SuperHub V2


  1. Open up a web browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer
  2. In the address bar Top (yours currently says http://thedcsgroup or something similar) type in (this is the default address of the Virgin SuperHub
  3. Login with the password of “changeme” (Unless you’ve already updated your router password – If you have and you’ve forgotten it – a pin in the reset hole of your router for 10 seconds will set everything back to the factory defaults / out of the box settings)
  4. Click on Advanced Settings ‘Bottom Right’
  5. Scroll down to the Security area and click MAC Filtering
  6. Here you’ll see a list of attached devices showing both Device Name / IP Address and MAC Address
    We need to figure out which device(s) you want to block (If you’re stuck with this you can find MAC codes in your device settings on almost all smart phones/Tablets > and for PC’s your device name is in the System Properties section in Windows)
  7. Select the device from the top section
  8. Click Add Filter
  9. Once the age updates – scroll down to the Rules Section and add your BLOCKING rules
    i.e. Weekdays 00:01 – 07:30 to block access Mon-Friday am
    Monday 21:00 – 23:59 to block access after 9Pm on Mondays
  10. Once you’ve added all of your rules – simply click Apply and then Yes to the following confirmation

Test that your rules work by trying to use the device during this time period – Windows PC will show connected to Wi-Fi but no internet access.

Things to remember;

  • If blocking a phone on the Wi-Fi – ensure your phones have data blocked – or aren’t allowed over a certain quota, we wouldn’t want you getting any shocking bills.
  • Remember each device needs its own rules created (No you can’t simply copy rules from one device to another)
  • The time restrictions will go by the router time (so kids can’t change their computer/phone time to get round the block – ensure that your routers time is correct – VM Hubs and BT all update from a time server online – so auto adjust to BST etc…
  • Occasionally, Virgin and BT are known for doing remote firmware updates, so its worth checking that the rules are working periodically.

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