Hottest day of the year! – Down let your computers go into meltdown!

UK Heatwave

I’m sure that unless your stuck in a hot office with no Air-Conditioning, then your loving this mini heatwave we’re having here in the UK, with temperatures today expected to top 35 degrees C or 95F if you’re old school.

If you are amongst those stuck in an unpleasantly warm office, it’s important that you spare a little thought for your computers, and especially your servers. PC’s are not designed to work in excessively hot or cold environments, and despite the internal temperatures of the CPU generally operating around 45-50 degrees comfortably, The external surrounding temperature should be comfortable (If it’s unpleasant for you then it’s NOT OK for your hardware!)


Why should I care?

Operating your PC’s at high temperatures for prolonged length of time leads to damage, commonly with Power Supply’s, Board or CPU failures, and these can be costly to the business – more so in business impact than actual components.

How do I prevent heat damage?

Location – Locate your computer in an area with adequate air flow, refrain from placing items over the tower or running your laptop on a textured surface – In the winter keep your device away from heat sources such as radiators.

And yes we’ve seen people have their PC’s right next to heaters – or placed on a shelf directly above a radiator!

Cleaning – It’s important to keep your fan grills and ventilation panels as free from dust as possible. Being electronic devices, computers are natural dust magnets.

If it looks slightly bad on the outside – It almost definitely looks worse on the inside.

We offer a service both in-store here at Kidderminster and out on the road to all surrounding areas of the West Midlands, Black Country etc.. where we blow out your machines carefully with a portable air compressor, leaving the inside looking like new! and more importantly clearing those vital airways that help you get the most from your kit, both performance wise and increasing it’s lifespan.

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