Ebay spoof

I didn’t realise just how easily you could be subject to an ebay spoof, until the other day when I decided to search the net for an item I had been on the lookout for, for some time.

As it was an item I had never had to purchase before, I went to ebay as my first port of call, seeing as you can find most things on there. With it being something I was really keen on getting my hands on, at a very respectable price, I let down my guard, and soon found myself accepting emails from what I thought was a genuine ebay seller. Before I knew it, I was involved in a scam which used spoof products on ebay to draw people in.

I am not usually fooled so easily. These emails were sent offering me the item I was looking for at a cheaper price, I couldn’t let this deal go, I quickly sent messages back and was blinded by the fact that I had found what I had been seeking for so long, and at such an amazing price to. I then found myself giving out my personal details, thinking that I was purchasing this item.

I clicked on a link in the email I had been sent and was logging into what I thought was ebay, ready to click on buy it now! I very nearly clicked the button, when I decided to just double check that it was the correct item and I was certain I wanted to go ahead and buy. I realised at this point I had made a huge mistake and started to panic. The more I looked at the emails and the item links the more I picked out that I should have noticed sooner. The item number was different to the original listing I had been looking at, secondly the original ebay seller was different to the seller I had been emailing, the original address was different to where they emailed to say it was coming from, the web link didn’t even have ebay in it. How could I have not noticed this? I called ebay straight away thinking that they would be able to give me advice, I was told they would look into it! This did not fill me with confidence that this would then be sorted!

I then called Mend my Computer, I was quickly advised on the matter. I forwarded the emails whilst on the phone to them, they looked and could see straight away that this was someone posing as ebay. I was then advised on what to do next. They talked me though what information I needed to change on my ebay account, they also helped me to change all passwords to anything linked to my accounts that may have been hacked. Suddenly I felt relieved, I was confident that these fraudsters could no longer gain access to my accounts and take any payments.

Please be aware when buying online, stay carious. Do not give out your personal details/ bank details via email, ebay do not ask for personal details via email, their emails never include attachments, do not open these. Be sure to do a little research into the seller and be sure that you are using a genuine website.