Data Recovery Services

Mend My Computer are able to provide data retrieval services for recovering data from damaged/corrupted Hard Drives, SSD's (Solid State Disks) or flash media drives. Whether the device was used for Windows, Mac or Camera storage we have the tools to perform your data recovery

Memory Cards for data recovery

Data Recovery from traditional magnetic media

With standard magnetic media such as SATA and IDE hard disk drives, so long as the disk spins up or attempts to spin up, then we can use one of several specialist software to attempt to retrieve as much of your data (Pictures, Videos, Word Documents etc…) as possible.

Prices vary depending upon the nature of the job but 90%+ are completed for our standard charge viewable here

Not only can our trained engineers help recover those precious baby pictures, or vital office documents for your business, but we can then advise and assist in setting you up with a thorough and reliable backup procedure, to help ensure you’re not in the same situation again.