Now Recruiting! – IT Support Engineer

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Who we are after?  An IT Support Engineer with prior On Site/Telephone and Remote Support experience Excellent communication skills Ability to work on your own and manage your own workload in a busy and growing team environment Will require own transportation to begin Main Duties  Deliver excellent customer service Ensure issues are rectified in line with customer SLA’s Diagnose and resolve faults with […]

Will you need a new PC for Windows 10?

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Since Microsoft officially unveiled its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, lots of Windows PC users have been wondering if they can upgrade to the new operating system (likely to be released around October) on their existing machines, or if they will need a new computer. This used to be a major issue whenever there was […]

Signs your PC may need an upgrade

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Computers used to be a luxury, nowadays, however, they’re an important strand in the fabric of our everyday lives; we use them at home, in business and for recreation. Basically, many of us would be lost without our humble desktop PC. Sadly, computers have a very finite lifespan, technology is always moving forward, and while […]

4 ways to make it easier to work on the go

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If you run a business in Kidderminster then you may already be seeing the benefits of mobile or remote working. Your employees no longer need to be sitting at their desk to do their work, and can work on their way to meetings and on public transport as they travel around the region. Remote workers […]

What will Windows 10 actually cost?

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Historically, Microsoft have charged hardware manufacturers for including its Windows operating system on new hardware. In the past, whilst consumers might have complained about this “Microsoft Tax”, the dominance of Windows as the world’s operating system meant that there was little market for machines that didn’t run some version of Windows. Today, computer users have […]