Will you need a new PC for Windows 10?

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Since Microsoft officially unveiled its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, lots of Windows PC users have been wondering if they can upgrade to the new operating system (likely to be released around October) on their existing machines, or if they will need a new computer. This used to be a major issue whenever there was […]

Help I’ve lost my ‘Activation Key’

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Whilst visiting my Sister this week – my Nephew asked for my help. After paying £40 for Cyberlinks PowerDirector only a few months ago, being a teenager he’s of course lost the Box, the Manual and most importantly the ‘Activation Key’. He’d got a new PC for his birthday and wanted to install his software […]

HandyBackup – The latest MMC software partners

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We are proud to announce that we are now Partners with Novosoft for their widely used and highly recognised Handy Backup software. With big name users such as TESCO, Siemens and Motorola to name but a few. So why Handy Backup? HandyBackup comes in a wide variety of versions to support backing up a simple […]