Ebay spoof

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I didn’t realise just how easily you could be subject to an ebay spoof, until the other day when I decided to search the net for an item I had been on the lookout for, for some time. As it was an item I had never had to purchase before, I went to ebay as […]

Online security: don’t let the Poodle bite!

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You may have heard about Poodle, the latest internet security vulnerability to hit the headlines. Trust us when we say that, despite its cute and cuddly name, this is a security vulnerability with bite! Discovered by researchers at Google, the Poodle vulnerability allows a hacker to intercept the information being transmitted between your PC and […]

Staying safe from hackers

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Staying safe from hackers At the end of August 2014, several celebrities had their private cloud storage accounts hacked, and hundreds of private photographs, often of an explicit nature were shared around the world. Whilst it was first reported that the cloud storage system itself was hacked, it later emerged that the fault was with […]