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  • Whilst the information about the attack is still limited and in its early stages, we do believe two things; 1) The most likely method for the Malware to have gotten onto the machines, was by a zipped attachment on an email or similar - which was unwittingly opened by a member of staff. 2) The spread of the infection was down to a vulnerability in the Windows Operating Systems affecting all versions from XP right up to Windows 10 - Microsoft discovered this exploit back in March and released a patch MS17-010 that fixed the issue for all supported Operating Systems. Those of you running Windows Vista or dare we say it XP (like a huge proportion of the NHS) wouldn't have had the benefit of Microsoft releasing the patch with its Windows Updates, leaving you extremely vulnerable! Fort[...]

  • The Issue I'm sure it's a problem many parents face in the modern 'Always connected age!', ensuring that when the children go to bed, they stop using their smart phones/tablets and computers. One sure fire way to prevent them from using their tech, is to disable the internet between specific times. Wait - I hear you say, I just want to block the devices that they use, and not my own tech, not a problem! Non Ideal Solutions Well one member of staff came to us with the issue above, and her solution which had worked for a brief while was, having the router connected to a digital timer switch. Whilst this worked for a short while, it doesn't take long for teenage kids to realise, they can just bypass the timer switch, or reset the timer switch... Plus this stops all devices accessing the[...]

  • Apple were recently made aware of a serious bug by a security firm called Lookout which with the sending of a text by the hacker could allow your phones Call Logs emails and even microphone to be accessed remotely. The good news before everyone panics too much, is that both Lookout and Apple have worked closely after the discovery of the issues, and all 3 security flaws, nicknamed Trident, have been fixed in the latest 9.3.5 security release. Am I Protected? To check what version of the iOS you’re currently running, simply go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Software update’ here you’ll either see ‘iOS 9.3.5 Your software is up to date.’ or you’ll have the option to download and install the update. The update required 50% of battery on your device or for it to be plugged in and charging to [...]

  • You may have heard about Poodle, the latest internet security vulnerability to hit the headlines. Trust us when we say that, despite its cute and cuddly name, this is a security vulnerability with bite! Discovered by researchers at Google, the Poodle vulnerability allows a hacker to intercept the information being transmitted between your PC and a secure website. With the right tools, a hacker could even take over your session, impersonating you and undertaking transactions on behalf. You are especially vulnerable to Poodle if you're using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. So whether you're onsite at a client's office in Bewdley, or sat drinking a coffee at a cafe in Kidderminster, if you're using public Wi-Fi, you may be at risk. Poodle has hit the headlines mostly because of the core technology[...]

    After Microsoft's updates released this Tuesday the 15th of October, lots of users of Thin-client, Citrix equivalent programs ( Winconnect, TSPlus etc...) found that they were restricted to single user access. Removing the Security update KB2984972 and restar[...]

    Staying safe from hackers At the end of August 2014, several celebrities had their private cloud storage accounts hacked, and hundreds of private photographs, often of an explicit nature were shared around the world. Whilst it was first reported that the clo[...]

    On April 8th of this year, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP. This included the end of support for Windows Security Essentials. The net result? 1 in 4 computers running Windows are now unsupported by Microsoft and will not be receiving anti-mal[...]

    Hardly a week goes by without a new online security threat. Most recently, the Heartbleed virus made headlines across the world when it was revealed that millions of people were vulnerable to data theft due to a security bug in OpenSSL. Then, just a couple of [...]

  • Well over the last week it has been the turn of the Wordpress websites to get hacked by bots all over the internet.  you can read more about it on the BBC website here. Well as a few of you have Wordpress websites on our hosting we thought we would take the time to explain how you can help stop these particular attacks:   Create a really strong admin password - well any user account should have a really strong password but especially the admin one as people don't have to guess that username they only have to guess the password.  The password should be a minimum of 8 characters with numbers, letter (both upper and lower case) and at least one symbol (*-^;! etc.).  Anyone who already has password set by us know that we always use really strong passwords as this type of thing is exa[...]